Do more real stuff – the official slogan of


Do more real stuff.  Sounds simple, no?

Now that I’m semi-retired with plenty of time on my hands, I have the opportunity to be intentional in what I do every day.  So how do I fill my day when I no longer have to go to work?   I’ve discovered plenty of advice in books from the library – and I’m grateful that others have shared their insight.

There are many themes that appear over and over in these books, and they make sense:  you should stay active; find a mission or purpose now that work doesn’t supply you with one;  stay socially connected;  be careful to avoid the temptations of sloth, drugs/alcohol, and hunkering down in front of the TV or the computer for hours on end (dang – there go my hobbies).

Now there’s no right answer to the “too much free time” question, but I’ve adopted a phrase that works for me, and I’ve made it the slogan of – Do more real stuff.

I’ll elaborate endlessly on this slogan in other articles, but very briefly it’s about using more of your time to do real stuff (physical activity, learning, creating, achieving goals, helping others, etc.) and using less time on stuff that isn’t as real (mindlessly watching TV or surfing the web, escaping into drugs/alcohol, etc.)  Mix in a little mindfulness and a whole foods, plant-based eating plan, and you have the philosophy (quinoa and yoga pants are optional but recommended).

I like those four words (which, if you’ve forgotten, are “Do more real stuff”), and no matter what anyone says, I’m going to claim them as my own.  I Googled those four words, in that order, and didn’t find any perfect match, and the federal trademark directory doesn’t produce a match, so I’m claiming those four words as a trademark of this website (I know – that’s not the same as getting lawyered up and filing with the USPTO, but why would I go to all that trouble and expense if I’m not selling anything?)

Try this at home:  google the phrase “Do More Real Stuff” and see if it directs you back to  this site.  If not, the Internet may be broken (or maybe the terrorists have won).

Thanks for reading.  Do more real stuff (trademark pending … )

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