Game Report: Baltimore @ Denver

Game Date:  Sunday, September 13, 2015

Teams:  Denver Broncos

Network:  CBS

You’re reading what I hope will be the first of many Game Reports in which I document my growth as a novice NFL TV fan.  You can check here if you’d like to learn more about my plans.
 Tonight’s game was very special to me in one respect:  it preceded 60 Minutes on CBS and for years I’ve been annoyed most Sundays because that wonderful news program would be delayed because of some NFL show.   Since the Broncos were playing, though, I actually watched the game.  I enjoyed listening to Manning call the plays — nice audio pickup.  Am impressed by Brandon McManus on my Broncos — great kicker.  There were plenty of injuries on both sides (and amongst the officials!)  My Broncos play again this Thursday … we’ll see how and if they recover.

TV Razzle Dazzle

I noticed that the set for the NFL Today commentators looked a little like that of my favorite TV show, CBS This Morning.  It had the same sort of weathered-brick warehouse look to it — very attractive.  Camera work throughout the show was spectacular as always.  I noticed some shakiness on some of the long-range closeups of players, coaches, and execs up in the booth.  There was one unfortunate (and I presume unintentional) shot of Peyton Manning spitting and creating a long drool trail.  CBS has incorporated a graphic screen logo declaring “Home of Superbowl 50” in gold.  Here we go.

Entertainment value

3/5  The show held my interest and I even got a little excited when Talib intercepted a Ravens pass.  Later in the fourth quarter I had mixed emotions when Denver was up by six but Baltimore had the ball.  My interest rose and I hoped like heck that the Ravens wouldn’t tie it up — mainly because that would mean overtime and a delay of 60 Minutes which was already scheduled 30 minutes later than normal because of the game.  It all turned out well — my Broncos won, no overtime was required, and 60 Minutes started as scheduled.  Sadly, 60 Minutes was a rerun, but at least one of the three episodes was one I hadn’t seen.  60 Minutes is almost as old as I am, and every installment opens with a preview of the show ending with “All that … tonight on 60 Minutes;”   I still fill in that pause after “all that” with “and Andy Rooney.”  Sigh.

Commercial commentary

There were 109 separate commercials between the opening credits and the end of the game (they had to fill abou .  Biggest category was TV shows — mainly upcoming premiere episodes of CBS programs.  Runner-up category was A between the opening credits and the end of the game.  The largest category of ads was TV Shows (mainly upcoming premieres of CBS prime-time offerings).  Runnerup category was Auto/Truck commercials with 23.  The full roster is at the bottom of this post.  Quite a lot of audio promotions from the commentators slipped in whenever there was a break in the action — more promos for upcoming CBS programs but also shout-outs to other sponsors including Esurance and Geico.

Interesting Extras

CBS mentioned that the show was also available in Spanish on the SAP (although they announced that in English).  A line judge was injured with 3:35 remaining in the first quarter, so the commentators had to tread water and review rules about how the game would continue with with one fewer official.  Nice round of applause for the official when he got up and left the field (turns out he had a broken collarbone).  Audio promo for “50th Edition of the Superbowl.”  I was pleased they called it an Edition and not an anniversary (it’s kind of a pet peeve of mine to misuse the term anniversary).   They also had some mini-features they were able to spin up, seemingly on the spur of the moment.  One was called Superbowl Memories — about a 10 sec clip featuring John Elway.  Also a short clip about a player who had a football camp in Germany — didn’t notice who that was.  They also focused a little on Maxx Williams (Ravens) who is from my home — I had a brief pang that I was cheering for Denver but I worked through it.

So much to learn

Blitz.  Red zone snap.

Points to Ponder

I wonder why they don’t broadcast the halftime activities — at least while the commentators are chatting away.  It looked like a cool moment when a skydiver landed on the field, but that was barely shown at all.  Maybe a split screen or picture-in-picture?  When they plan the TV coverage of the game, how much stuff are they pulling from the video archives — do they have a rough plan of what pieces might fit, or is that all being assembled on the fly as the game unfolds?

Here’s the commercial roster for the show.  I’ve sorted this one by category, but  you can also see which quarter the ads were telecast and in what order.

Quarter Commercials:  Baltimore @ Denver Sep 13 15, CBS Category Ad Number
1 Southwest Airline 3
3 Southwest Airline 67
1 Fruit Of The Loom Apparel 17
1 Acura ILX Auto 8
1 Acura ILX Auto 16
1 Acura TLX Auto 4
1 Acura TLX Auto 11
2 Autotrader Auto 32
HT Chevrolet Malibu Auto 64
1 Chrysler 200 Auto 2
3 Chrysler 300 Auto 89
HT Dodge Journey Crossroad Auto 52
3 Hyundai Tucson Auto 81
4 Jaguar F-Type Auto 105
HT Jeep Cherokee Auto 54
HT Jeep SUVs Auto 62
3 Lexus IS Auto 88
1 Michelin Tires Auto 6
4 National Car Rental Auto 101
2 Michelob Ultra Beer 34
4 Michelob Ultra Beer 98
3 Snickers (Brady Bunch) Candy 69
1 ATT Cellphone 23
1 ATT Cellphone 24
3 ATT Cellphone 72
2 Galaxy Samsung Cellphone 33
1 Verizon Cellphone 12
3 Verizon Cellphone 80
2 Verizon – French scuba Cellphone 36
2 Verizon (McCown) Cellphone 49
3 Apple Radio Electronics 77
3 Galaxy Tab S2 Samsung Electronics 82
3 Pandora Electronics 92
1 Draft Kings Fantasy Football 25
HT Draft Kings Fantasy Football 53
3 Draft Kings Fantasy Football 87
3 Draft Kings Fantasy Football 93
1 FanDuel Fantasy Football 10
2 FanDuel Fantasy Football 39
3 FanDuel Fantasy Football 76
2 NFL.Com Fantasy Football Fantasy Football 37
HT NFL.Com Fantasy Football Fantasy Football 60
1 American Express Financial 21
4 TD Ameritrade (Luck) Financial 107
HT  Vikings Tickets (Local) Football 61
3 Auburn @ LSU Football 84
2 Because Football Football 44
3 Because Football Football 73
HT NFL Monday QB Football 65
3 NFL on CBS Football 91
3 NFL Ticket Exchange Football 94
1 Benjamin Moore Paint Home Improvement 9
2 Home Depot Home Improvement 48
2 Geico Insurance 35
1 Nationwide (Manning) Insurance 19
1 State Farm Insurance 13
4 State Farm Coneheads Insurance 99
4 Downy Fabric Conditioner Laundry Products 106
4 Black Mass Movie 96
2 Everest Movie 43
2 Furious 7 Movie 31
3 Furious 7 Movie 79
2 Pan Movie 38
1 Steve Jobs Movie 15
3 The Martian Movie 70
3 Head and Shoulders Personal Hygiene 78
3 Old Spice Deodorant Personal Hygiene 71
3 Cialis Pharmaceuticals 68
2 Avocados from Mexico Produce 42
4 Avocados from Mexico Produce 97
4 Rentals 103
2 Dominos Restaurants 30
2 KFC Restaurants 47
3 McDonalds Restaurants 74
HT Papa Johns (Manning) Restaurants 66
1 Pizza Hut Restaurants 5
1 Subway Restaurants 1
4 Subway Restaurants 108
4 Wendy’s Restaurants 100
4 Direct TV (Luck) Satellite TV 104
1 Direct TV (Manning) Satellite TV 20
2 Direct TV (Moss) Satellite TV 41
4 Under Armour (Brady) Sports Apparel 95
HT Grainger Tools 63
HT Amazing Race Premiere TV Show 59
1 Big Bang Theory Premiere TV Show 14
HT Big Bang Theory Premiere TV Show 51
4 Big Bang Theory Premiere TV Show 102
3 Big Brother TV Show 85
1 Code Black TV Show 7
HT Hawaii Five-0, Bluebloods Premieres TV Show 58
2 Late Show TV Show 45
HT Life In Pieces Premiere TV Show 57
3 Life In Pieces Premiere TV Show 75
3 Life In Pieces Premiere TV Show 86
2 Limitless Premiere TV Show 29
4 Limitless Premiere TV Show 109
1 NCIS:  Los Angeles Premiere TV Show 22
2 NCIS:  New Orleans TV Show 40
1 Scorpion Premiere TV Show 27
HT Scorpion Premiere TV Show 50
1 Survivor TV Show 18
3 Survivor Premiere TV Show 83
2 The Final CSI TV Show 46
HT Vikings @ 49ers (Local) TV Show 56
3 Vikings Pregame Show (Local) TV Show 90
HT WCCO News (Local) TV Show 55
1 Game Of War Video Game 26
2 Playstation Destiny Video Game 28